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Authentic Italian Cuisine

  Cucina Maria       810 South Ninth Street        Terre Haute, Indiana

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Named for Mary Natale Farrington, this restaurant is the result of conversations between Mary and her toddler grannddaughter, Donna.  As Grandma prepared meals in her Clinton kitchen while babysitting her granddaughter, talk often revolved around Grandma's pasta sauce which Donna loved. 

Speculations about the future also formed part of the conversations.  Grandma and Donna teased each other about opening a restaurant together someday so everyone else could enjoy this sauce that Donna and the rest of Mary's family and friends loved so much.

Mary was born in 1916 to Italian immigrants in the little Italy section of Clinton, a town known for its large Italian population.  Preparing sauces from scratch was routine for this neighborhood and everyone had her own method .. usually influenced by the original region of Italy where  the ancestral family had lived. 

In Mary's case this was Torino (Turin) in the Piemonte (Piedmont) area of northern Italy.  This regional difference seems to be the reason for the sweeter sauce Mary prepared.  This Piedmont region is also known for being the origin of tiramisu and bagna cauda amond other things.  Tiramisu is occasionally available at Cucina Maria.  It may also be ordered with 48 hours advance notice.  Bagna cauda is always available after 4:00pm.

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Cucina Maria, 810 South Ninth Street, Terre Haute, Indiana